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SEEDS Palliative Care

Palliative care is indeed essential in addressing the various aspects of serious health-related suffering. It provides valuable support for patients and their families living with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. The “Percy Jebamalar Legacy Foundation” is a noble initiative to help individuals, families, and communities in their time of need.

By representing the core values and aspirations of the “Percy Jebamalar Legacy Foundation”, the SEEDS [Supportive and Empathetic Engagement in Delivering Sustenance] Palliative Care Services aims to transform the lives of those affected by serious health-related suffering and make every life meaningful.

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Our Services

There are a variety of services that can be provided through the SEEDS Program of Percy Jebamalar Legacy Foundation, depending on the individual patient's needs and circumstances.

Pain and Symptom Management

Understanding that physical discomfort can significantly hinder the quality of life, we offer specialized pain and symptom management services.

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Home Care Information

Our team is prepared to provide detailed, easy-to-understand information to families on how to care for a patient at home.

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Treatment Follow-up Support

For those who struggle with the complexity of medical follow-ups, we offer assistance to ensure patients attend their appointments and take their medications properly

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Practical Assistance

We understand that financial struggles can make accessing healthcare challenging for many.

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Psycho-Social Counselling

Education is crucial to break down misconceptions about home-based palliative care.

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Public Awareness Programs

Palliative care providers can help patients and families plan for the future by discussing treatment options, setting...

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As resources allow, we aim to establish a tele-consultation service that can connect needy patients to medical professionals..

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Post-Loss Support

The loss of a loved one brings not only emotional trauma but often financial hardship as well.

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Planting the Roots of Resilience

Help us plant the roots of resilience in individuals and families facing serious health challenges. Your donation, time, or voice can make a real impact. Join us today!

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Our Components

The components of the SEEDS Program, as articulated by the Percy Jebamalar Legacy Foundation, are designed to provide a comprehensive and compassionate support system for individuals and families facing life-limiting illnesses.